Hey Everybody!
Are you seeking a bit of self-indulgence, or a treat from the heat of the day?  At Tropical Craze, using Tropical Sno Flavors, we have created that oasis of a shaved ice euphoria. We do this by selling the highest quality and best tasting shave ice in the world.

Our Flavors
We are dedicated to providing the best quality flavors possible. Each flavor has its own distinct “real-to-life” taste. When you order a Strawberry it actually tastes like Strawberries. How about Banana, Cherry, Cream...? just look at our flavor’s, the variations are virtually endless.

Our Snow
Our machines produce the highest quality of snow possible, it is so fine that it literally absorbs the flavors so you experience a "flavor consistency" from the first bite to the last. What taste are you craving?

We hope you will come to an event where we are providing our Shaved Ice and their delicious taste, for we strive in creating the best snow for our customers. However, the only bad news is, once you try Tropical Craze’s shaved ice, “You” will be spoiled for all other snow cones or shaved ices to come.