At Work

Servicing swim events, BMX Races, soccer games, Etc. we are here. We do large city events along with private parties for you or your children. The quantity, taste and texture can not be beat, nor can its value.  

Fantastic Flavors

Strawberry            Grape

Mango                   Coconut    Watermelon          Banana            Fresh Lime           Cherry

Blue Raspberry    Root Beer

Bubblegum            Vanilla

Cream topping -  Delicious                                        


             Mix any flavor for:



Banana + Strawberry

Mango Tango

Mango + Strawberry

Rock N' Roll

Blue Raspberry + Grape

Pina Colada

Pineapple + Coconut

Lime Ricki

Lime  + Grape

Tiger's Blood

Strawberry + Coconut

and more, you decide!

Hannah's small Shaved Ice


As mentioned, the Tropical Sno flavors and the shaved ice are yours to savor. Each bite is a soft and snowy texture with the true desired taste.

Satisfaction guaranteed!  There is no ice to chew on, this is true Hawaiian shaved ice, unlike what others choose to promote. Try what I am offering, you will enjoy Tropical Craze.


     Our Large

   Los Banos Fall Festival

Here is a Medium

We supply the best Tropical Shaved

                    Ice around.

Working with you will allow us to supply the enjoyable comfort of a soft, cold and great flavored treat that will enhance the excitement of your occasion.

With state-of-the-art equipment, clean servings, and a happy smile, our attendance will be a success.


We believe in our products so much that we guarantee our services. If you a have any discrepancy in any part of our service, please let us know, we are there for you, Also, we enjoy our work, we love to see the cheer of others fulfillment. 

Mitchel Jr. High Parent Club